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Jeffrey (“Jeff”) T. Jordan, EA – Founder/Partner

Jeffrey retired from the Internal Revenue Service in 2001 with more than 10 years’ experience. His official title was Revenue Officer and he spent all 10 years representing the United States Government in the collection and investigation of Federal taxes.  He investigated thousands of cases against individuals, sole proprietors and corporations throughout the states of Connecticut and New York. Upon retiring, he founded Tracr Consulting, LLC and spent the next 18 years successfully representing tax payers against the IRS as an enrolled agent. 

Email: tcgjeffrey@yahoo.com



Wendy L. Sullivan, Esq. – President/Partner

Wendy is a licensed Connecticut attorney since 2002. Wendy has an extensive background in real estate law as well as handling civil litigation matters. Prior to graduating law school, she interned at the United States Attorney’s Office where she routinely argued on behalf of the Internal Revenue Service concerning summons enforcement matters. Wendy joined Jeff working for Tracr Consulting, LLC in 2018 and they later opened Tracr Consulting Group, Inc. Wendy brings with her an arsenal of battle tested set of legal skills and negotiation tactics.

Email: tcgwendy@yahoo.com


Tracr Consulting Group, Inc.
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