• Offer in Compromise—The IRS settles your case for less than full payment.   
  • Installment Agreements—The IRS agrees to take monthly payments, thus, buying you time.   
  • Penalty & Interest Abatements—The IRS dismisses some or all of the penalties and interest that are associated with your tax debt.   
  • Innocent Spouse Procedures—The IRS dismisses some or all of your debt due to the fact that the taxes were really your spouse's or ex-spouse's.   
  • Trust Fund Recovery Penalty (TFRP) Defense—The IRS will attempt to collect employment taxes through a responsible Officer of a Corporation. Tracr Consulting Group, Inc.  knows the Tax Code inside out and can defend you if the IRS is attempting to assess the “100 percent” penalty against you.   
  • Payment Designation—Tracr Consulting Group, Inc. will show you how to apply payments in your best interest, not the IRS.   
  • Appeals & Protests—Tracr Consulting Group, Inc. will appeal your case to an "Independent" Agent of the IRS.  
  • Extension of Time Requests—Tracr Consulting Group, Inc. can extend the time needed to pay the IRS.   
  • Lien Releases—Tracr Consulting Group, Inc. will work to discharge liens that are filed in your name.   
  • Lien Subordinations—Tracr Consulting Group, Inc.  will work to subordinate an IRS lien so that you may free up equity to pay the IRS.   
  • Certificate of Lien Discharges—Tracr Consulting Group, Inc. will work with the IRS in gaining a specific piece of property released from an IRS lien.   
  • Levy Releases—Tracr Consulting Group, Inc. will work with the IRS in gaining a levy release on your behalf.   
  • Seizure Prevention—Tracr Consulting Group, Inc. will prevent the IRS from seizing your assets.   
  • Judicial Relief (Bankruptcy)—Tracr Consulting Group, Inc. will determine if bankruptcy is an option for you, thus, relieving or minimizing your tax debt.   
  • Currently Not Collectable—Tracr Consulting Group, Inc. will petition the IRS to "write off" your tax debt for now. You still owe the past taxes but the IRS will leave you alone for a minimum of 18 months.  


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