Testimonials & Fees


  •  J.K. Dutchess County, NY owed $22,000   "We did not pay a penny to the IRS. Jeff is a man of his word and a true professional"   
  •  J.M. Asheville, VA owed $82,000   "Jeff had my IRS debt settled for $8,000. Thanks to Jeff, I can sleep in peace again
  • S.A. Litchfield County, CT owed $1,035,000   "Jeff had the IRS write off over $1,000,000 from my IRS debt. Jeff understands how to work successfully with the IRS. He solved my problem and then was there later to follow up with the IRS when they contacted me"   
  • A.C. Fairfield County, CT owed $47,000   "Jeff settled my $47,000 IRS debt for $1,000, and then settled my $11,000 Sate of CT tax debt for $3,500. Jeff was sent to us as a gift from God"   
  • J.S. Marion County, FL owed 85,000   "I ended up NOT paying the IRS a dime. Jeff did for me what no one else could do"   
  • J.C. Litchfield County, CT owed $83,000   "Jeff made the IRS setlle my $83,000 tax debt for $2,500. I was able to restore my credit and buy my first home"    


Tracr Consulting, LLC usually works off a flat retainer. A payment arrangement may be possible. For large or small work, Tracr Consulting, LLC will work on an hourly basis. Call Jeff today to discuss which option will be right for you.  


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