Being in tax debt is scary. The collection process is extremely complex and constantly changing. No two cases are alike and you may find yourself mired in the complexities of the Internal Revenue Tax Code. In addition, the IRS has tremendous collection enforcement powers at its disposal. For example, it has the power to garnish your wages (take money directly out of your paycheck), levy your bank account (take funds directly out of your bank account), and file a tax lien against your name that attaches to any real property that you own. While there are many great Revenue Officers working cases for the Government, it is not their job to look out for your best interests. They are under no duty to disclose any rules or facts that may be in your, the taxpayer’s, favor. The burden is on you. 



  · We have been on the “other side.” While there may be some people out there who were once Revenue Officers or once represented the Government who now resolve tax debt, there are not many. We have first-hand behind the scenes knowledge of IRS protocol that gives us invaluable leverage to resolve cases efficiently and always in your best interest within the tax laws. 

 · Only an experienced, knowledgeable, and competent person could truly give you the advice you need. This is how we can be of service to you, the taxpayer. While we do not create the tax laws, we do know how to use them in your best interest to resolve your tax debt. There are many different types of resolution and knowing which one would be right for you is our specialty. In fact, it is all we do! Our sole focus is tax debt resolution. With the inside knowledge we have gained, we can guide and advise you like no one else. We will take away the hassle, worry, and confusion.



  · We have a 100% success rate of an Offer in Compromise being accepted by the IRS!!! We NEVER submit an offer of resolution to the IRS that we know will be rejected. Lots of other companies will submit either a half-completed or unqualified Offer in Compromise knowing it will fail so they can then bill you additional thousands of dollars to try to appeal the rejection or submit a different type of offer. (Spoiler alert: The appeal will NOT be found in your favor and the IRS becomes suspect of a newly submitted offer after the first one was rejected. You just paid thousands and thousands of dollars to be in the same position with the IRS you were in to begin with.) We know this because we have a lot of clients who come from “the other guys” that need us to fix the bigger problem. 

 · We are happy to give you a FREE consultation. Most of the time, hiring us to assist you is in your best interest. However, if it isn’t, we are honest and will point you in a direction better suited for your situation. 

· We typically charge a flat retainer fee that covers your case from soup to nuts. That means every phone call, every e-mail, every hour spent analyzing your case, speaking with the IRS and anything else that comes up until there is a final resolution is included in your retainer fee. Occasionally we get a highly complex case that requires additional work outside the “norm” which may be billed at an hourly rate. However, we never hide fees and you will know your retainer fee and/or hourly rate up front. Our fee is typically less than other companies. 


 · Jeff and Wendy work on every case together to ensure that no detail is missed and that the absolute best legal plan is tailor made for the client. Both are licensed to speak on your behalf to the IRS and either can advocate if the other is unavailable at the time. This ensures that your case is always covered with a seamless continuity of representation.  

While we are always here for you should you need us again down the road, we do all that we can to educate you going forward so you do not end up in the same situation. We love our clients, but our goal is to get everyone back on track so they do not need our services in the future!